úterý 2. října 2012

First song is OUT!!!

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Hello world,
my first song is now OUT on Soundcloud. Song is in style Electronic House and I am happy that first comment was too successfuly :) (see under the song) and now just click HERE! and Enjoy my sound of Electronic music !!!

pondělí 1. října 2012

Find me at....

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Hi all reader,
in this post u can find links to my social sites or more! So I start :) :
Twitter: Follow me!
Beatport: Listen to my tracks or just follow me!

And it's all but maybe I'll write on this blog in Czech language because it's not too hard like in English :)
Good night and If you're asking why I am on Beatport.com cause I share there my music which I composed on my computer coz I am making Dubstep and House music. Enjoy my music and Good Bye!

neděle 30. září 2012


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this is my blog for everything I found or I'll find around the internet. There be my favourite games, music and videos. If you decide to subscribe me on YouTube it's okay but I am making gaming videos with live commentary so it's in Czech language :)
On the end be welcome on my blog :)